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Things that make you go MMMmmm...

Yes, it's been ages ... so much for good intentions, which we all know pave the road to hell ....

Road to hell it is with a MMMillipede infestation that makes the house exterior look like it's suffering from reverse-leprosy and the interior floors almost move!  The dustbuster is so full of dead/dying millipedes (we're not fussy) it sounds like a maracca!!  And that awful crunching sound when you just KNOW you've trodden on one ... happily, the 'bucket of death' provides a safe, convenient disposal point for millipede carcasses we've wrangled off the walls, although if anyone has any suggestions as to what use a bucket of drowned millipedes can be put, we'd be very grateful.

Our neighbours returned from their beach shack the other day warning of a MMMouse plague - mice apparently chewed through the fridge seals to attack the food inside, and covered the carpeted floors and bedding with droppings.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!  Can't wait to check out our shack - looks like the nice relaxing break we craved will probably be spent knee deep in disinfectant, mouse traps and washing liquid!!

And, the MMMosquitoes!  Happily, my partner acts as a decoy when we're in the same room - but sadly, the weather is not yet cold enough to kill them off.  Unless of course they're MMMutants!  Sometimes the whining is so loud we are forced to consider the possibility that they're not of this world!  Our resistance to the inevitable harsh chemicals in the mouse deterrent and removal products (see above) has almost reached total toxic overload levels with the cans of insect killer spray used to quell the nightly whining - is someone out there somehow able to release just one mosquito into our room every night?

MMMmmm... and I haven't even touched on MMMalfunctioning equipment, eMMMergencies or MMMadness yet!  Maybe next time!!


Favourite Place #1 - Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

Wycliffe Well’s claim to be the UFO capital of Australia (if not the world!) makes it unique among the roadhouse/diner/pub/motel/caravan park/store/motel complexes en route to Darwin. The aliens at the roadhouse entrance, souvenir alien imprint caps and stubbie holders inside and press clippings detailing UFO sightings over the years pasted to the walls are just the beginning.

Through the gates into the motel and campground the building walls are awash with UFO and alien abduction murals and the grounds full of bizarre statues (the Phantom, the Hulk, a giant spotted pig) dot the grounds. We headed for the ‘Elvis’ campsite right up near the Galaxy Auditorium opposite the train station where the train makes a daily trip through the park, past Mt Wycliffe and part way around the lakes, before reversing back to the station as there’s not yet enough track of the right gauge to go right round.

Climbing Mt Wycliffe - built from cunningly painted corrugated iron against the side of the machinery shed - is easy. A staircase leads from ground to summit with stunning views over the Wycliffe Well realm. From here, you can spot any statues (and hence photo opportunities) you’ve missed! And the roadhouse museum full of random eclectica from around the world offers a welcome diversion when you’re over watching botched reverse parking as travelers attempt to fit their rigs into not-quite-standard-sized sites.

If you’re not up to the Galaxy Auditorium restaurant for dinner or the large selection of exotic beers, the redclaw in the fishing lakes, fed by an underground aquifer, might do the trick! The water purity makes this one of the best spots in the Northern Territory to fill up your tanks.

And if there’s not enough excitement at the park, the Devil’s Marbles are an easy 20 minute drive north up the highway, perfect for those archetypal outback sunrise/sunset shots over the rocks (see Scenic Public Toilets #1).

Someone with a vivid imagination, determination and healthy dose of eccentricity has developed this outback oasis into one of the quirkiest spots in the country! And one of my personal favourites!!


Australia's Scenic Public Toilets #1

Australia's scenic wonders are generally accessible to the public – meaning nearby facilities such as lookouts, viewing platforms, car parks, camp grounds, picnic tables, BBQs, AND … public conveniences!

SO … one can do what has to be done in some pretty spectacular spots. But which convenience block has Australias best setting? Best views?? Best location???

Or even all three????

Here's #1 - the amenities at the Devil's Marbles campground, south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory!! This is close to being my personal fave - but that doesn't mean it's the best. Do you think this this fantastic spot can be beaten?

If so, prove it! Send in a photo to be featured in a future post! In the meantime, enjoy the other photos below!! See ya!!

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